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Your Applications

FaceReko is an artificial intelligence-based face and objects recognition platform that can be easily integrated with your IT tools and hardware. The platform can perform face recognition in real-time from video streams and photos using a state of the art deep neural network that considers 128 facial features. The platform uses machine learning to continuously learn and improve its detection accuracy.


Employee Tracking

Identity Validation

Forensic Investigations

VIP Detection

Fraud and Crime Prevention

Workplace Safety Compliance


  • Real-time video feed processing
  • Analyse saved video content
  • Static Photo analysis
  • Object Detection
  • Archive Matching
  • Batch Processing
  • 128-point attribute analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Data Archive Scanning
  • Supports RTSP/IP/HTTP Camera‚Äôs
  • Secure Deployments on Cloud or On-Premise


FaceReko employs a state of the art deep neural network built on a lambda architecture to provide a highly scalable, fault tolerant and efficient platform for recognizing faces and objects. The platform can process live video streams in real-time. The batch processing layer continuously learns from the analysis thereby improving detection accuracy over time. A combination of SQL and NoSQL databases are used for optimal performance.